The COMING OUT Monologues Podcast

A collection of LGBTQ+ themed stories about coming out, sexuality, gender and the intersectionality of identities as told by members of the queer community in education.

Would you like to submit your story?

Do you have a coming out story you would like to share? Do you have an experience about your sexuality or gender that you want to celebrate or reveal? We are looking for a diverse group of queer international school educators to share their personal journeys and stories as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and/or Queer individuals, in addition to experiences as Non-Binary people. We particularly encourage submissions that also intersect with race, religion, disability and neurodivergence.

Stories can be submitted anonymously, however please note that your voice will not be edited.

Getting started

Start with a blank document and begin writing... it doesn't have to flow or make sense to begin with. Free-write as much as you can and free-write everything that comes to your mind. EVERYTHING. Let your thoughts and memories guide you and the story you want to share. Stories can be humorous, poignant, serious, embarrassing, creative, any of the above, or something completely different.


1. There is no word limit or time limit for your stories, but you should aim to write at least 600 words or aim for between 5-10 minutes orally.

2. You can use real names or fake names, however please note that real names will be changed if people are portrayed negatively. It is your right to tell your version of events, but it would be unfair to the other person who is unable to be heard. People change.

3. Tell the truth. Be authentic. Try not to shame others in your story, but do not sugarcoat the realities of what can sometimes be an extremely challenging experience.

4. Your story can be submitted in many possible formats (a conversation of how you came out, prose, a reflection on how and why you came out or how something affected you, a description of events, etc.).

5. Write in the first person. Speak for yourself, not the community. Use “I” statements.

6. Target a specific audience. Try to convey your story so that is is accesible for other queer international school educators and the international school community.

Possible ideas

  • Coming out to your family, friends, community, etc.

  • Coming out to yourself

  • Learning to love yourself

  • Reasons for staying “in the closet"

  • Stereotypes you want to challenge

  • Your hopes and dreams for the future

  • Your frustrations

  • Your first crush

  • The best day of your life

  • The worst day of your life

  • A positive experience

  • A negative experience

  • Things you wish more people knew about you

  • What you wish for future generations

Podcast format

There is no strict format, though our vision is that each episode will include a monologue performance and a post-performance conversation with individuals who submit their stories publicly. The conversation will provide an opportunity for the contributor to debrief and unpack the process.

Time frame

We are flexible and open to receiving your submissions until June 2022.

How to submit

1. Write your story and email Kristina for feedback and editing purposes. The aim is to turn your story into a piece of theatre in the form of a monologue that you will perform.

2. After the editing process, rehearse your final piece and record the audio file.

3. Send the audio file to Tricia.

4. We will contact you if you wish to be interviewed as part of the podcast, unpacking the process you went through in contributing to this project.


Tricia Friedman

Kristina Pennell-Götze

Join the Queer Wisdom Slack Space to connect with others who are interested in contributing to the podcast.