Meet the creators

Tricia (she/her) is an educator with nearly 20 years experience. She is the proud founder of and The Be a Better Ally Podcast. Tricia has lived and worked in China, Thailand, Ukraine, Indonesia, Morocco, Switzerland and Singapore. She currently lives in British Columbia with her wife and their puppy.

Tricia Friedman


Kristina (she/her) is a queer Filipino-Australian creator, teacher, mother, and activist, currently teaching Drama and English Language & Literature at the Berlin Brandenburg International School in Brandenburg, Germany. She is passionate about actively pursuing equity and justice through student voice and amplifying the experiences of the global majority and marginalised folks through theatre. With 10 years of teaching experience in both public (UK) and international (Germany) schools, and a Bachelor of Education from QUT in Australia, Kristina is currently studying a Master of Educational Leadership as she pursues school leadership to shift the narrative of dominant culture and cultivate an environment that celebrates resiliance and healing.

Kristina Pennell-Götze